I've entitled this blog post Falling not because it has to do with the slippery roads and sidewalks out there now that's it's November in the city. I'm talking about the butterflies, the excitement, the chills!
That feeling you get when you know you're with someone special. A spark. An attraction. It so worth waiting for this moment. All your years, months, days, of being single, are worth it to get the chills. Mind you, it is flu season, so you could have the chills for other reasons. But this is where paying attention to your gut reaction is important.

It's something I've had to teach myself to do, in any aspect of my life. We all get a grumble, or that churning in our gut when something isn't right, or something doesn't sit well with us. Could it be that burrito you ate for lunch? Definitely, but if that feeling lingers longer than you know it should or continues to pop up with a person you are with, pay attention. Meeting someone new has it ups and downs. I always suffer from the voices in my head that freak out a little over what to wear, what to eat at dinner, what to say. Do I sit with legs crossed? Arms folded? After you can sift through all the craziness, pay attention to the way you feel after your date or first initial meeting. Are you nervous and frantic or calm and collected? Certain people bring out different reactions. And when you know that person is a good fit, it's usually pretty easy to tell.

Of course, it's also easy to tell if they pay the bill, open the door open for you, or let you know in small ways you are on their mind ;) Y'know, minor details.

In the meantime, I tell myself, my friends tell myself and of course, if my dog could tell me he would--- just let it go! Everything in the end usually turns out the way it should. So stop creating a crease on your forehead and take this anti-aging tip. Be grateful. Smile more. Embrace more. Be open. You never know what good things will come your way. After all, anything good you've created in your life is from your own doing. And you've decided to let it stay.


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