Being Single is The Best When...

Hey there, you single vixen you. Yes, you. The one who is really owning it. The who does her own thing on her own terms. The one who doesn't take crap from anyone. The one who can leave the dishes in the sink without anyone caring. The one who can take someone home after a fun night out and not have to explain herself to anyone. The one who maybe didn't vacuum last Sunday like you should have. The one who has a garbage full of bottles that hasn't yet gone to the recycling because it's taken you THAT long to fill it up. The one who is exploring life with no side passenger. Or back seat driver.

Isn't it great being single? There's a lot of talk out there, and yes, from me too, about the negativity associated with being a lone ranger. But really, it should be the time of our lives. When you start feeling lonely, or feel like "the one" is never going to cross your doorstep, remember only you can take life by the horns and make the most of it. Cliche, you betcha. But worth it? Absolutely. The best things in life are free, we all know this. And when you're single, you can get a lot of free stuff (like drinks, if you play your cards right). And we all know life is what you make it. But being single, when you only have yourself to worry about is the best time to create the best you. The best time to create a life you truly want to live. And once you have that figured out, the rest falls into place. The more you embrace life, the more it embraces you back. So get off the couch, call your friends, and hit up a fun spot in the city. Or you can curl up on the couch with a glass of 'whatever' & vodka, and enjoy your favorite chick-flick. Create activities for yourself that you enjoy doing and furthermore, make a date with yourself and stick to it. Once you're busy enjoying yourself, you won't realize that you're "all alone" doing it. But I can promise you, the ones who you want to notice,will.

So go get em tiger....errr....vixen.



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