The Struggle is Real

You know what I struggle with?

I struggle with letting go and holding on.
I struggle with wanting more and being patient.
I struggle with wanting to give my all and dive in and holding back and testing the water.
It's such a scary time.

It's a thrilling time, but it's so scary. I never know what balancing act I need to complete. I'm constantly existing between "too much" and "too little". I feel like everything about me is growing. I'm stretching my mind, my soul, and trying my best not to explode. Not to race to the end or read the last chapter. I just want to revel in all my feelings and soak it in. It's frustrating and it's

And somewhere, along the way, I feel like my soul already knows the outcome. It's just a whisper but it's guiding me to a place that makes sense. A place led by crumbs of transformation.

And right now I'm just blindly walking forward as all my limbs fumble to understand where my heart and head is leading the rest of me.


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