Wine & Tears

Sometimes we all need a good cry. You know that feeling as it hugs your chest and rises up into your throat. You feel the burn as your eyes well up and then the tears start rolling. You can heave or sigh or even do the really bad ugly cry. You scrunch your face up and widen your mouth as drool mixes with the tears on your cheeks. It should be considered a god damn talent!

The stress of the day, week, minute can all take its toll. They piggy back on one another. I went to the gym to work out these frustrations. I danced enough to give J.Lo competition and yet the tears still hung out in my chest. Biding their time, waiting for the moment they could shine. I went to bed with heavy shoulders. I woke up with exhaustion. The day ebbed and flowed as it always does. I felt better, I got through my day, accomplished my tasks, laughed, ate, carried on.

Wine called my name tonight. I bought a limited edition. Poured my glass. That's when it hit me. Full on ugly cry. It came fast. Let it out, let it go. Nothing really provoked it. Nothing sad about MasterChef Canada. I mean if I was going to bawl it would be the fact my exciting single life plans include couch, wine, and sweatpants. Kidding about the pants. You don't need pants when you share space with only a puggle. But as quickly as the cry came and went, the stress was lifted. The shoulders felt lighter. My breathing slowed. I was relaxed.

And as the final tear slid down into the glass of wine full of notes of chocolate and caramel (make that now salted tear caramel), I thought Cheers to the week bitches, we survived.



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