Such a simple word. Hello. It comes with a multitude of emotions. It can be quick and dirty, like smiling at a stranger on the street. It can be sexy and seductive, like when you pull away from an entangled embrace and look into your lover's eyes. It can come with a hundred promises or zero expectations. It can be heartwarming. It can be cold. It can be cautious, it can be insecure. It can be predictable; the norm. It comes in many languages and is expressed in many forms.

But what happens when the hello is no longer a hello? What comes of that word? It turns into a sour taste in the roof of your mouth. Your Hello has just turned into a Goodbye. Goodbyes can be permanent. They can leave you longing for the days of Hello. A Hello that stops you in your tracks. Takes your breath away. A Hello than is full of magic and possibility is never aware of a darker Goodbye. They don't play on the same team. Forever challenged to a duel.

But rest assured, one day your hello won't turn into a goodbye. It will turn into a 'See you again', which will turn into a 'goodnight', which will turn into a 'good morning'. Make sure you hold onto your Hello's. Make then count. Value their worth. Hellos are splendid. They're serendipitous. Or maybe they come with a lesson in tow. Whichever the case, make sure you're smiling, straight from the heart. A sparkle in your eye. For one day, you'll look back at that first hello. The one that gave you your start.


  1. Sometimes the Goodbye is tough. Hard to understand. Hard to get over. But with each goodbye there are many new Hello's. One day your special Hello will arrive. A great post. ❤️


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