Table For One 2.0

My quest for independence has been muted by the onset of summer, which leads to more patio gatherings, long nights out, and of course this leads to more socializing.


I have been able to go to a movie by myself. At first, I did feel strange about it. Would people know I'm here by myself? Is everyone watching me as I buy my ticket? Yes, these thoughts did cross my mind. But I know this is more in my head than what is actually occurring. I bought my ticket, waited in line for popcorn (no one to share with-score!) and walked into the theater. 

Now if you're going to a movie by yourself, you might as well go big or go home. I picked a theater with the largest chairs, which recline, and was able to get myself settled without spilling any popcorn. *Side note, my baby legs did not let my feet touch the ground once the chair was reclined** 

I sat there in the dark feeling sorta awkward until the previews began. Then I realized, why do we go see a movie with people anyways? Its not like you can talk during it (unless you're one of THOSE people). I began to grow more comfortable. It's not so bad! I could get use to this! Although I did pick a Thriller to see, so at some points I would have squeezed someone's hand during the suspenseful parts. But when the credits began to roll, I knew I had just accomplished something the old me never would have done. 

I had walked into the theater awkward, annoyed, unsure of myself and what people would think, only to leave the theater feeling like a BOSS! 

So guess what I'll probably do this weekend....


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